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Compare the UKs leading Life Insurance & Critical Illness Cover providers, with the click of a button. We do all the hard work behind the scenes and come up with the best provider that matches your exact requirements.

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We have direct access to the best products that are available at any particular time which means that you are always guaranteed to be offered the best products in the market. We also benefit from exclusive products due to the vast amount of business we place with insurance providers. This means that almost all of the time, the products we can offer are better than if you went through the insurance providers directly.

The number one reason that people take out life insurance is to protect their interests in the event that they are not around anymore. Typically these interests are family and/or mortgages. It is our job to ensure that the level of cover and the type of insurance that our clients' have is adequate for their current situations.

We strongly believe that our clients want a professional, hassle-free experience when looking at Life insurance and/or Critical Illness Cover. We offer a GUARANTEE that we will make this as hassle-free as possible by drawing on our 50+ years of combined experience of working within the insurance industry.

What is Life insurance?

Life insurance plans are taken out by people that like to be safe in the knowledge that, should the worst happen, their families and/or loved ones will have some form of financial support.

Everybody has some form of financial obligation which usually includes paying for rent or a mortgage, providing food and clothes for loved ones, paying household bills or unsecured lending commitments. When a person passes away any financial obligations that were taken care of by that person become the responsibilty of the surviving partner or relative.

It is unfortunate that these obligations still need to be paid, even after a person has passed away. Partners / loved ones still need food to eat, somewhere to live, clothes to wear and bills to pay and any unsecured debt or mortgage commitments automatically become the burden of any surviving partner or relative.

Life insurance is perfect for someone that has both financial commitments and/or loved ones that would be burdened with those obligations should the worst happen.

Life insurance covers the policy holder(s), against death, for a set number of years which can be specified by the policy holder. The policy holder can also specify how much money (sum assured) will be paid out should the worst happen and the policy holder can also specify whether the sum assured is paid in installments or as a lump sum.

If you would like Life insurance you can get a quote now by filling in our Life insurance quote form above and will call you back, to discuss your requirements.

Rest assured that we work with the UKs leading insurance providers, take a look at just some of the providers above. Rather than calling all of them, let us do the work of finding the right insurance for you.

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Do I qualify for life insurance?

Life Insurance UK Resident

In order to qualify for life insurance you must be a UK resident.

Life Insurance UK Bank Account

Premiums are paid directly to the insurer by direct debit. You will need a UK bank account with a direct debit facility to set up a Life insurance policy.

Life Insurance Over 18 years old

Life insurance policies are available to those over 18 years old. Some policies allow for children to be included but only a person over 18 years of age can apply for it.